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SMW Notes – What’s Next and Future Trends

Future Trends

Battenhall (report)

  1. Twitter goes full circle: will still be popular
  2. A life logged: quantified self (helmet cams, scales etc.)
  3. Social data will drive social businesses
  4. Hacker culture: trolls etc and hacks for good
  5. Single purpose apps. Photos are important. Twitter,, vine, instagram, what’s app, keek, tumblr will be popular?

Revisiting the Digital Trends Report

Checking up on the 2013 trends:

1. Digital storytelling: how easy is it for audience to understand your stories and repackage it for themselves to share.

2. Digital health: tech led health initiatives (e.g. fitbit). Gamification of health leads to quantified self – measure everything about yourself to improve.

  • Rate of development (accelerometers everywhere)
  • Flexible semi-conductors (leads to implants)
  • Everything is more connected (but you don’t own the data you produce – legal issues).
  • Money – more being invested

3. Social UX: Content being designed to be shared and engaged with.

  • Paidcontent – direct tweet article summaries so user doesn’t need to type anything
  • Medium – select text on comment on that (not at the end of the page), or select text to tweet (NY Times  saw increase in shares).

4. Internet of things not as big as thought.

5. More niche social networks, although big ones still popular

Future trends

  1. Anonymity: duck duck go is anonymous search engine.
  2. Customer service: conversocial social tool for customer service.
  3. Legal issues: how are existing laws being implemented? How do they need ti evolve?

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