The eye has to travel

Elena Plaiter

Ages ago i went to see: Diana Vreeland: The eye has to travel. It takes a look at the life and work of Diana Vreeland – a Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Fashion Editor. That might not sound that interesting but Diana’s work ethic and attitude make the film inspiring and relevant to women, and/or people who make daily editorial decisions.

I went on a Monday lunchtime and noted some more interesting sentiments and quotes from the film (I was one of only three audience members and they didn’t seem to mind me prodding my iPhone).

She started working in her mid 30s at a time when women in some circles were embarrassed about working, should it be seen as a sign of poverty. Suddenly it became chic to have somewhere to go during the day.

She was ‘fired’ from the magazine industry at 70 and went on to head up the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Her attitude: “What was I supposed to do? Retire?”.

During her working life she sent regular memos to her staff for inspiration and direction. Something that email has killed off, and blogs haven’t quite replaced.

Some paraphrased quotes:

  • There’s only one life worth living and it’s the one you make yourself
  • Don’t tell boring stories. Even if they’re true.
  • Give people what they don’t know they want yet.
  • A new dress won’t get you anywhere. It’s the life you live in the dress.

I recommend watching the film for a little inspiration, whether you work in fashion journalism or not.



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