SMW notes: @barcampnfp #smw4good Charity campaigns

In this session we discussed good and bad examples of charity campaigns. Here are some below. 

Lauren Luke: Don’t cover it up campaign, refuge

Popular makeup vlogger Lauren Luke gives a demo on how to cover up a bruise, with a vid on her Youtube channel. Many people didn’t know it was an ad.

Lauren Luke   Don t Cover Up Domestic Violence   Refuge

 DePaul boxes

Charity develops commercial arm to sell moving boxes, to raise funds, and shift focus on homeless and boxes to positive.

Tourette’s twitter takeover (Canada) 

People surrendered their Twitter feed and weren’t able to control what was in it, to build empathy for tourette’s.

Surrender Your Say


Trial by timeline (Amnesty NZ)

Give Amnesty permission to analyse your timeline and see what laws you’re guilty of.

Amnesty International   Trial by Timeline

UNICEF Likes don’t save lives (Sweden)

UNICEF highlights that like’s don’t save lives – donations do.

Likes don t save lives  charity hits out at Facebook  slacktivists    Telegraph

Macmillan Bake My Face

A social media visual mechanic for the Coffee Morning promotion.

Fearne Cotton s Bake My Face twitter competition   News   Coffee Morning


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