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Who owns the user journey?

Elena Plaiter
Automated emails, forms etc etc. Who is responsible for ensuring they are on brand, have the right tone of voice, and work for you and the user?

So many ideas for blogs and things to think about following a recent spate of events and Social Media Week, so this is just a quick, not quite fully formed, thought.

A great blog from content Super Heroes Sticky Content arrived in my inbox this morning about checking and re-writing your customer serive emails. At first glance it seemed a bit obvious and then i thought – well who’s job is it to update the automated emails? The person responsible for the area of the business? The digital team? IT?

We’re really good at having processes for providing chunky copy for web pages, but the smaller and equally important stuff can fall through the gaps.

I touched on it briefly yesterday in @spirals session at Barcamp NFP: ‘If digital is integrated, who owns it?’. I was talking about web forms, and in my case IT had written the lingo.

If it’s the message not the medium, the content not the channel, then shouldn’t it follow that anyone should be able to write great copy for our emails and forms? Would be interesting to do some A/B testing and so who’s copy has the most impact!

So… who owns it in your organisation?

23rd feb 2012: I just read this great blog post about fundraising trends and a recent Nomensa report which encapsulates why the user journey is important to not-for-profits.

  • 47% of donors give-up before they have made the donation because the online journey is not intuitive and engaging
  • Research suggests that online giving made-up less than 4% of UK charitable donations in 2010

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