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Why you can leave your nerves at the door for Barcamp NFP

I wrote a guest blog post for Barcamp NFP, which I’ve copied below, or read the original on the Barcamp NFP site.

One of the great things about working in the charity sector is how much we share knowledge and success, and how much we support each other.

So when I turned up to Barcampnfp in September 2012, and Lailasaid “you should run a session on content strategy” there was no need to feel nervous at all.

Because when you stand in front of a room full of people who want to learn more, and you get to talk about things you are passionate about – well that’s just fun!

What’s more, I didn’t have a chance to let any nerves build up. Kicking the day off as one of the first sessions, I soon found myself surrounded by people who were interested in my take on Content Strategy.

Have you ever done a PowerPoint presentation at work to a room full of people whose eyes have glazed over, and known as you’re speaking that you’re going to have to work oh so hard to inspire them?

Well Barcampnfp isn’t like that at all.

A few minutes in to the session something beautiful happened. Thanks to the informality of a Barcamp, people began sharing their experiences and asking questions. And soon enough it wasn’t about me, it was about us all getting better at what we do.

Time flew by, and the next sessions were starting. But wait! We’re not done! Time to follow each other on Twitter, keep on talking (hey, you don’t have to go to every session), or catch up at lunch.

A few sessions later I attended a session on Digital Storytelling, but no one turned up to present. No worries – I’m feeling confident and start to facilitate the discussion. And the learning and the sharing begins all over again.

So whether you’re a first timer, or usually sit and watch, I’d urge you to jump in. Host a session. Dismiss those nerves. Everyone is supportive and they want to know about your experiences.

And what’s more, you’ll get more out of the day if you put more in. That’s the beauty of it. Because the agenda is ‘set’ on the day, you make it what you want to be. If there isn’t a session relevant to you on the board, make one. Host it. Enjoy!

Can’t wait to see you there.

Elena Plaiter


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